A Brief History Of School

A Brief Introduction about M.R.A. Senior Secondary Model School and J.B. Charitable Trust.

Sh. B. D Jatti Vice President of India Enveiling the foundation stone of Administrative Block

M.R.A Senior Secondary Model School Sector 27-A Chandigarh and  M.R.A. Modern Public School, Sector-7 Panchkula are run by J.B. Charitable Trust which was founded by two philanthropist brothers Saravshri Jhandamal Mahajan and Saravshri BehariLal Mahajan in the sacred memory of their father, Sh. Moti Ram Mahajan, in Chuharmunda (West Pakistan) in the year 1924.

After partition the entire credit for re-establishing these educational institutions goes to its late President Shri Hardyal Mahajan (1957 to Nov. 1996) who along with his wife Mrs. Shakuntla Mahajan (The Chief Parton of the schools) worked hard with utmost devotion and dedication to further the cause of education and are responsible for bringing these institutions to its present stature and eminence. Our present President Shri Anil Mahajan (from December 1996 onwards) is working towards the development and upliftment of these educational institutions with the same zeal and vigour.

Dignitaries such as Shri N.V. Gadgil, the Governor of Punjab; Shri B.D.Jatti, the then Vice President of India; Dr. Sushila Nayyar, the close associate of Mahatma Gandhi and  Dr. Shankar Dyal Sharma, the President of India have visited the institution on different occasions. The school has the proud privilege of celebrating Golden Jubliee on 5th Dec., 1974 and Diamond Jubliee on 21st Dec., 1985.

The educational philosophy of the school is based on providing holistic education of a very high standard and all round growth and development of the child in the context of the new millennium. It also believes in instilling a deep sense of self-respect and discipline amongst the students, making them staunch nationalist and upholders of human dignity, equality and fraternity and strong admirers of Indian culture, heritage and moral values.